Jan 11, 2015

With Love from Brazil

It's my BIRTHDAY and I at least look toned
I have never been off-skates for this long before. My last practice I went to was with Shock Exchange the day before I left NYC. I was even a tad sick then and sat out the last few minutes of scrimmage.

Since then I've been a busy bee and catched up on work in Sweden, hung out with friends and family. And now I'm in Brazil, and it's nice here, it is warm and my body is happy with me. 
Me and my brother have taken some surf classes, and I regret to tell you that I'm now leaving roller derby to pursue a career in surfing... Or nooot! I am not very good, I guess it's good to get to suck at things sometimes... 

Ah, well... at least I'm trying to regain some fitness that I lost during the Holidays and by being sick. I'm also adjusting and about to tackel some major things in life. I can't wait to be back on skates, it will hurt so good. Oh, and I'm as tanned as I can be... And I still have FOUR more days to complete my transformation to a tanned beach babe. (Not that looks matter, but they do)

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