Jan 27, 2015

It's snowing in NYC

So we are supposed to get a crazy amount of snow and there is a citywide emergency alert, trains and roads are shutting down. And worst of all practice got cancelled. Living with two other Gotham Allstars have the perk (?) that we still got motivated and did a work-out. So much fun! I love having people to work out with! I'm not really that great of a self-motivator.

It's crazy how the entire city is shutting down over some snow... But we are all set, we bought a bunch of religious candles at the bodega, in case the electricy goes out. We are stocked with food, Violet is making chili, Vish is gonna bake shortbread cookies (my favourite) and I'm gonna make the Swedish version of mulled wine (Glögg). Yay for having the best roomies and friends ever! 

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