Dec 29, 2014

Recap January - May 2014

2014 was not the greatest of years, I did get lots done, I met some amazing people and I played a lot of rollerderby and almost burnt out trying to juggle work, personal life and rollerderby. 2014 started off with a BANG every weekend was travels and every weekday was practice or rollerderby related meetings over the phone or in real life.

Year kicked off with WinterGames bootcamp, that I coached togeher with Eagle. It was supersuccessful, and it felt liek all the hard work leading up to WinterGames was worth it. I also went to LA and played with Team Wolfpack both on the banked and the flattrack. I got to catch up with some old friends in LA and also met some new faces, like Violet, who now is my roomate.

Started with EROC in Berlin where I got to see many of my amazing friends from allover the world (mostly Europe) and worked hard on continously evolve rollerderby as a sport and organizational. It truly have been amazing to be able to witness the developmant of EROC. We also went to Dresden and coached togetehr with Fisti Cuffs.. .and we had a great time. I ended the month with a Team Sweden training camp.
I also got to attend my first QX GayGala presentign Film of the Year and me, Loony and Oona where also skating in the opening show.

Team Sweden and Team Finland, two teams that the world will see more of

The month started with going to Helsinki to play Team Finland with Team Sweden. We lost but had a great time and developed as a team. On the following day we scrimamged Helsinki and then went to a typical Finnish sauna, that means NAKED. I was staying with Only and Pygmi as usual, I love that I have those two in my life. They also have a sauna in their apartment where we spent tiem and drink alcoholfree beer.  I was interviewed in QX together with the other girls from Flator, and we almost made the cover. And the month was ended by playing Crime City with Stockholm Rollerderby, a bout we won and another Team Sweden bootcamp the next day.

Was the premiere of Flator, I went to Malmö and attended a Swedish Skating Association planning weekend and Stockholm Rollerderby played Rocky Mountain (Denver). It was the last game before we headed to Florida. Work was busy... I also went to Munchen and coached, and it was superduper fun, and I got to hang out with my former team-mate Ima Handful. It was an odd time, I wasn't really sure how I felt about being on TV, I don't think I really had given this enought thought (anyone suprised?).

Oona, CrackHer, Me and Mina... POWERLINE

I went with Stockholm Rollerderby to Beach Brawl and impressed and suprised everyone by playing way above our ranking. After that I went to Portland and visited Eagle, went camping and got to practice with Rose a whole bunch, we had a very emotional talk where decided to put our relationship on hold until RollerCon.
On the way home I touched down in NYC and seed of moving to NYC was planted. Back in Europe I went for work in Tallinn and then straight to London to play two bouts with Team Sweden. I was mentally exhausted and even if I played well, I mostly wanted to cry. I didn't really feel I was performing well in any field of my life.

Sweden vs. England, we impressed ourselves more than anyone else. 

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