Jun 2, 2014

Long but productive Team Sweden weekend

This weekend was superduper intense, I totally nejoyed it, but I was also so exhausted yesterday that I fell asleep 21.30 and slept like a baby until 06.30, still wearing my clothes. Yepp, that is how life is, in all sorts of ways.

On Satuday we met in the morning and did drills until lunch, and after lunch Glory and Fenix ran a bunch of drills with us. It all turned out to be a really great overall practice. I'm starting to feel like I know the other skaters better and better and our strides start to gel. We start to recognise each others voices.

We went over a bunch of termology, so we all understand what we are talking about when we are on the track, since we all come from different leauges and have different names for walls and offense.

After practice we all went to Vinterviken (the infamous derbycommun) and had food and watched the Philly vs. Texas game from Big O, and of course soem of the SKOD tournament that was going on during the weekend. Texas really are GREAT at playing offense without sacreficing too much of their defense, really a joy to watch them play!

On Sunday we started off with some off-skate before suiting up for some more wallwork ran by Glory and then lunch. After lunch we had the fortune to have reffs to come and join us, and we were able to scrimmage. Scrimmage went quite well, and we really got to put some of the things we had worked on during practice to use. It's frustrating that we are so good ;-)

I know I say this a lot, but it truly is amazing to think how far Swedish Roller Derby has come the past years! It makes me really happy, and more and more willing to push myself and coach others, because it DOES show results.

I enjoy women going for it... Photo by Steve Newton

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