Jun 15, 2014

taking a deep breath, coaching and testing new wheels

Wednesday  I was coaching my last Stockholm practice in quite a while, i am heading to USA on Monday, staying there until I go to Stuttgart to play Team USA and then to head back to Sweden to play the Swedish Champs!

Yes, life is fun and busy!

Practice was for our more advanced skaters, and I planned a bunch of things that we need to improve, getting lower, blocking backwards and then turn around and keep the jammer on the ass, bracing, stay together and use plows to slow a pushy jammer down, keep your core strong, toe stop work and then the darn hockey stops. I always also try to throw in some endurance and some skating in the opposite direction at every practice.

When I coach I alternate between coaching skills I'm good at and things I need to improve. Being the coach it's not always fun to fall on your ass every time you are trying to demo hockeystops the way you suck at it. At the same time, if I don't I will never improve... and at least when you fall you know you are trying hard. Yesterday really was lots about skills I need to improve, and I guess the rest of the league also get to improve.

My new task is to become a better jammer, so lots of footwork in my future, I am not a fancy spinner, I am a dumb "I will get through here" sort of jammer. So maybe I will try the fancy spinner a little more, be good for me.

I just got a set of new Juice wheels that I tried out, and I really liked them from the get go. Durometer 95 worked really well on the dirty concrete surface we skate on during the summer.

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