Jun 23, 2014

ECDX weekend was awesome

Of course it totally sucked not to skate and the lack of pool. ECDX pool has always been an amazing experiance, I will always rememebr when Montreal had a little danceshow for us. And talking about Montreal, their spacewolf pants this year are aaaamazing! Keeping the dream alive.

It was real fun to see Tiger Bay, Helsinki and of course Crime City play, it's so amazing and awesome to see how well  European teams are performing, and proving over and over that Europe is underanked. Victoria from Australia showed that they very much deserve the ranking that they are at.

 Crime City vs. Providence was REALLY exciting, I am SO impressed over how they kept it together and played well, despite that Juciy, one of their skaters, broke her ankle in the game the day before.

Other games that were ttally worth watching were Montreal and Terminal City that played a tight and superexciting game, Gotham vs. Philly that was a little tigher than I would have assumed, but freaking LOVE to watch Slaydie and Diva go at it. The clash of the Titans! And damn Bonnie, she's just sort of "OK guys, I am just gonna stick myself between you and slide by". Impressive and lovable!

I also had a good time just haning out with friends talking about rollerderby, watching rollerderby and having a few beers. I was stayng with OMG and Bonnie and even if they were playing I think I was the first one to fall asleep. I've become such a sleeper the past year... Sleeping is goood for you!

Today I'm going to practice and I am very excited about it, YAYAAAAA... I gotta go rollerskating... Tomorrow I think I am gonna go outdoor rollerskating, I miss it! Just skating up the West Side High Way on Manhattan is SO MUCH FUN!! (fuck running, when you can skate) I once made Trish do it with me, and she got the worst blisters, so my mission is to get her a pair of better fitting skates...

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