Jun 3, 2014

Fifteen skaters, a track, a deadleg and a musicvideo

A small but fun gang... SCRIMMAGE TIME!
Monday was a looong day at work, fun, but lots of new things. I am currently working on a project for SQORE. If you are competative in academics, this is really something to check out! Just do it! ok?

Yesterday due to most ppl were a little derbyout after the weekend (BSTRDS played in Barcelona and Team Sweden had practice) we only had 15 people able and willing to scrimmage. And it was fun, everyone got to jam, and play with each other. Having to go in two jams in a row, or even three and then sit one just ot be able to jam, it does wonders for your endurance, my way of reducing having to run, run, run....

But what is cool too, is that about just two years ago, 15 people at practice would have been considered a well attended practice...

I had tons of fun, even if I was feeling a little stressed in the beginning of the scrimmage, running out of work straight to practice while chewing down food does that too you. There something about practice, I don't know if it's because rollerderby is hella fun or because of all the endorphines, but in 99% of the cases I leave practice feeling 100% better than when I came there.

I got a pretty bad "Charlie horse" already on Sunday, but it did only get worse after another bony/muscular ass to it... damn derbygirls I urge you all to eat some more fat so your hits become fluffier and less painful on me! Seriously, I can barley walk today, and tonight is fighting fit! I am taking tomorrow off, and that is probably a real good thing. Sometimes you need to take a deep breath and just take it easy.. .this might not really be what I do, but I am saying... sometimes it is for the best.

After practice I stuffed my car full of ladies... well I stuffed five girls into my volvo, to go and skate back and forth on a bridge for some musicvideo that Amy is in. It was odd but both fun and funny. And then I went home, made a HUGE sallad and watched Penelope. darn, it's the cutest little freaking romantic comedy I've seen in a long time!
HIGHLY recommend it, partly because I think that Christina Ricci is adorable, but the story is for sure really cute (predictble, but cute, and what RomCom is NOT predictble).

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