Jun 20, 2014

Heading to ECDX

Been in NYC for a few days, really been feeling quite crappy and tired... Haven't done much but hang out with OMG and Bonnie, been to a practice and watched soccer with my Colombian friend Sunny... yeah... good times! Oh, and of course I got to see one of my best friends Only who is in town with Helsinki ROllerderby.

Today I'm heading towards ECDX in Philly, more about that after this weekend. But in short hand I get to see Tiger Bay, Crime City and Helsinki Rollerderby play american teams. It is always awesome to see how European teams fare in USA, since we all seem to be quite underanked.

I am bringing my skates, but with outdoor wheels and my running shoes, after feeling crappy for a few days I just can't wait to work out again.

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