Jul 1, 2014

Playing Team USA again

I had an amazing weekend playing rollerderby in Stuttgart, Germany. Team Sweden played Team USA, and we scored so much more than we did last time. The level of rollerderby in Sweden have really done HUGE strides forward. The game was really fast and I felt like we played well together, it was fun to be in the same line as Alotta and Tjutet, two Crime City players. Alotta has been around since I lived, skated and coached Crime, Tjutet was Fresh Meat when I was leaving, and they are both great strong players. 

It was great to see so many friends in one weekend,both American, German and Swedish! International hugfest!

Team USA held a bootcamp during the weekend, and I participated in the Sunday sessions, and it's always really interesting to listen and learn from other coaches. I really liked the blocking session that Smarty, Jackie and Baller ran, I think I really picked up a few things. 

I did miss half of the blocking backwards session that Pfister, AJ and Cherri ran, because I decided on having breakfast. It really is not what I'm the best at, and I need to practice more, I stand up too much when I do it. Even if I do know that I probably always will be most successful blocking with my ass... But as I always say, the more tricks you have in your bag...

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