May 30, 2014

Are you looking for EXCELLENT coaching?

I feel tall and blonde.. this outfit also made me wanna jam-skate.. Kozmic tried to teach me
Look NO furher, Track Advantage has collected a bunch of amazing coaches in one hot pot, pick and choose among oss (I know you mostly want me) and e-mail them and like a genie we will appear on your doorstep and teach you all those little tricks we have up our sleeves.

And yes, I also think we all look a little creepy in this picture, but I guess there is a reason we are not models, and we coach instead! I also told Master Blaster we should be wearing orange outfits, it would make us stand out more, but apperently not yet.. not yet... I am waiting!

Please book us, we are amazing coaches and WILL make your leauge better! That's why we coach!

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