May 30, 2014

Weekend of Team Sweden practice coming up

Yesterday I went to Fighting Fit after a long bikeride, it was great weather for bikeriding, sunny but not superhot. On Wednesday we had on-skate practice with our Advanced skaters,  I focused on endurance and walls. It was fun!

I am back in the swing of working out, but I can't deny that I feel a little lost in the way that i have a hard time motivating myself. There is nothing to work towards, nothingness and that feels hard. I am a little slow on my goalsetting right now, probably because I feel liek there are so many things that are up in hte air right now.

BUT ONE THING I KNOW WILL HAPPEN is that Team Sweden is playing Team USA in Stuttgart in the end of June, so I will really focus on that. It's going to be REALLY exciting and fun, fun, fun!

So this weekend we have on-skate practice with Team Sweden, and I am looking forward to it, feels like it will contain a little of everything. A mixed bag of goods, the way I like it, hopefully lot's of focus on skating together and staying together. A more cohesive offence with better communication from the jammers.

Since I've felt a little stuck in my development lately, maybe because I coach to much, I'm considering going back to some jamming. Not to become a main jammer or somethign crazy like that, but to jam because I can get better at it... I do like jamming, but that means I have to start working out a little different, and a change might be good for me! Getting outside of my "safespace"...

LOOK, I jammed back in 2008...  (and yes, I am wearing dipers and R3's)

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