May 27, 2014

Team Sweden in London

Photo by John Hesse
Damn, I was menatally not ready for this. Sometimes life get's a little overwhelming, and the past weeks have been like this. The utter dissapointment in that Stockholm will not make it to Division Two Playoffs (where we clearly belong) in combination with some other things have really left me feeling at an all-time low. It's hard sometimes when you work really hard during a looong time to achive something.

Digging yourself out of such a place is not the easiest, but having friends that support you makes it easier!

Right when I got back from my US trip, I went on a work trip to Tallinn and when I came home from that I litterally got SUPERSICK nad could not get out of bed, and ontop of that I had really severe jet-lag and really couldn't sleep. Lack of sleep is really a tool to make life feel a little more dramatic than it acctually is!

 Not the best place to be just a few days before playing Team England...  well, well...

The bouts ended up being stellar, first we played Team England and lost and then we played Brawl Saints and won. I did much better in the second game. The first game i was fighting all those feelings above and I was penalty heavy in the first half, the second half went better and I got used to the floor. I already miss the sportscourt of USA...

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