Dec 2, 2013

Team Sweden tryouts are DONE

It is AMAZING to see how far Swedish rollerderby has come, the understanding of gameplay, the skills, the hits, the walls, the smiles and the motivation. I love being a part of this!

I love love love being a part of this, it is FANTASTIC to see how much better everyone get and how much everyone are pushing themselves!

It is very rewarding and awesome to be a coach, and at the same time I sometimes just wanna skate... looking at everyone having so much fun, while I have  to evaluate and think about everyones elses performance, it leaves leaves very little time for just skating for myslef. Rollerderby is fun, but we are turning into a more serious sport, we have to make decisions and everyone that wants to play just can't play at all times.

So many derbyplayers are dear to me, my best friends and people I both enjoy skating with and to spend my non-derby time with but rostars are made and teams are going to be formed, looking past friendship has to be done. You don't have to LOVE the person you skate with, I usually do, but to be crass, the person that you play best with, is usually not your best friend, but people you trust on the track.

Selections are never easy, we had about 60 girls sign up for try - outs, we invited 40 to try-outs and now we have to cut that group down to a group of about 25 girls that will practice together until later when we will make the selection of the people that will go to Dallas.

The people! 

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  1. Gud vad spännande! Grymt kul för de som blir en del av Team Sweden.