Dec 13, 2013

Tallinn and Helsinki weekend

This was a BUMPY ride

This morning I will be in Tallinn with work, the company I work with has a huge development project almost in the centre of Tallinn, Estonia. I come along for board and planning meetings every two-three months. 
I really like Tallinn, it's a really beutiful city and old city with lots of history, and I think someone should start rollerderby there. I know rollerderby has started in Riga, but still nothing in Tallinn. If anyone know someone interested starting something in Tallinn, please let me know, I'd love to help in anyway I could.

Tonight after my meetings I will take my business casual dressed self and get on a ferry to go to Helsinki. Vagine Regime Nordic is playing against Kallio Rolling Rainbows tomorrow. Only is gonna come pick me up from the ferry and we are gonna have some nice non-alcoholic beer time in the sauna! Damn, I miss having her on my team, she was supposed to play with us tomorrow, but due to an injury she will not be able too.  We have printed some VR Nordic merch for the first time, and we have already sold some of it online and the rest will be for sale at the bout. We have also gotten our own VR Nordic logo that looks really cool and I'm happy we finally got one.

Ok, back to looking important in my blazer... 

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