Dec 23, 2013

Last practice of 2013

Amazones and an anklebiter....
Last practice of 2013 was awesome and so much fun! We had Scald Eagle guestcoaching us, and it was all back to basics, and as we all know, basics is what gives us things to build on. Eagle did an mazing job, and I think each and every person felt like they got somethign new to work on for 2014. I think we are trying to bring in some more guest coaches during 2014, it is truly inspiering and there are always little bits and pieces to build on to become a better skater, team and leauge. Building together... and forward...

After practice most of us wen to the local pizza place for some Secret Santa and (suprisingly) PIZZA. It was soo much fun. Our sweet BSTRDs had gotten Allstars a YOODDELING Flamingo for us to bring as a mascot to Florida. Like SERIOUSLY! It made me laught SO hard for the longest time. I left the dinner holding hands with my lady feeling like rollerderby is truly amazing and soem of the most amazing people I know are friends that I've made through rollerderby.

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