Dec 18, 2013

Things I want for Christmas...

So we don't really buy each other Christmas presents in my family anymore, I still wanna make a litte list of things that I want for Christmas. Well, maybe it's not only for Christmas but for life in general... and I haven't written down all the derbythings I want - that is my next blog... now it's all about those random THINGS I have a need for in this materialistic world... well, need or need... those are things that be nice to have, but I be completly amaing without them... (I probably will end up getting them for myself anyway)

So when me an Loony moved in together a looong time ago, we were going to buy a couch, so I let Jazz have my couch. And then we just never got into enough money to buy a couch, so for a while we used a bed instead of a couch and then Amy bought the bed of me, we used an airmatress, and then we broke up and I was couchless... It happens, luckily Becky was moving and I could have her couch. So I have a red velvet couch that is too short to be sleeping on, it's awesome, but I need a couch that can be turned into a fold-out couch, so people can sleep when they spend the night in my new fancy apartment.

I like them, I want them, I like having them in my home and they look fancy and delicate at the same time. I just wanna have orchids, don't think it needs too much explenation, I will probably kill them slowly, but I will enjoy them when they are alive... best thing is that they don't need so much water and they are prettier than a cactus.

Wouldn't it just be AMAZING to have a juicer, I would juice everything. I love juice, and I drink carrot, apple and more carrot juice everyday. It be great to be able to make my own juice, I know that cleaning it up will be everything but great, but the thought of my own juicer just seem more and more appealing, each day that passes.

Yes, my new apartment has a balcony, and it needs some furniture, and this summer it will also get sunflowers adn tomatoes. But most of all I need a little bench, a chair and a table. This balcony is going to be the haven of this coming summer. When home, I will sit on the balcony, sip a fancy beer and dream about being exactly where I am!

Since my lovley ex decided to hold onto my iceskates (and that is odd considering she doesnt have the same shoesize at all as me) I am in need of new iceskates, since the ice is laid down allover Stockholm and my feet are itching for some fun time on ice. I can tell you that I am a terrible iceskater, but it is fun, and I like fun. Rollerderby has turned me into a better iceskater, and I thank my quads very much for that. Since I have no iceskates, I need new one to have a fun winter... even if the darn snow still have not decided to fall over Stockholm... all I can say is... BUT WHYYYYY....

Everyone that knows me knows me, knows that besides derby I have one other obsession (well, except good beer, but saying that makes me sound like an alcoholic) and that other obsession is coffee. I really LOVE coffe, it's amazing, dark, full and jumps into my mouth just like it should be. I have a few devices to make coffe in, my favorite is my Bialetti Moka maker that I just put my esperesso into, but I do like my coffepress too. BUT I don't have a coffegrinder, so I want a coffegrinder, it spells so good, the coffe taste so good, and they are an awesome way of waking a beutiful sleeping lady up... by the sound of a coffee grinder!

There is probably hella lot of other things that I want and have a weird feeling that I need, and then I will write about them later. For now... this is it... and as I said... this is my MATERIALISTIC list... there are thousand of things like peace, friends to be happy ect ect ect that I want even more... 

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