Nov 29, 2013

The neverending injury

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I got hurt during a tournament in Gent in May, I was shipped off to the hospital and everyone spoke Falmmish to me and then they gave me a shot of soem really strong painkiller and I puked abd  passed out in the hospital parkinglot (true story). When I got back to Sweden I went and saw another doctor, who sent me off to the orhopedic ER, and they told me I was fine and could just start practicing right away. I thought it was strange since I was in so much pain I could barley walk. After about two weeks, I could at least start to bike, it was painful, but it was much needed exercise, and I honestly HATE being still, makes me a very moody and difficult person.

I went and saw a physical therapist in the end of May, I was still hoping that I might be back on skates for the Swedish Championships, the therapist didn't really seem to think that I was going to have a problem to recover in a few weeks. He gave me a few exercises and said that maybe come back after the summer if I was still bothered. He DID say that he suspected that my hamstring muscle was maybe partially torn, but I'd be just fine.

So I went along and did the exercises that I was given and nothing really got better, I did get back on skates first week of July July - but my hip and hamstring kept on hurting and I could not do contact at all. I did spend lot's of time coaching my team, and I had a blast doing it, but to be honest I LOVE PLAYING rollerderby, coachign is increadble, and it was very rewarding to see my team take home the win of Stockholm Rollerderby, and I got to do the warm-up with them, and that mean A LOT TO ME!

 In July I went to RollerCon and challenged myself to play a bunch of scrimmages and it was REALLY scary, because I did not really know how my leg would react and it was painful. I did still have a great time, and have no regrets. Because that really triggered me to start FIGHTING to get better, I realized that rollerderby is in my blood, and it makes me REAL happy to skate, even when I jsut coach, but playing myself is really somethign I love doing.
I pretty much went straight from rollercon and bouted in Scotland, it was painful and I still was very restricted laterally and most of all, I was hurting.

When I got back to Sweden I found myself a new Physio, whom really listened to me, and she sent me to an ultrasound to discover that I very much had torn my hamstring in Gent, but the way my leg responded to her exercises, she also suspected that it's not only the hamstring. My hamstring is now strong, but the pain is still there, so I am going for an MRI on Monday after Team Sweden try-outs, to really get to the bottom of why I am in SO much pain still.

Yesterday at practice, it hurt so much I was almost crying, I had to grab a bunch of advil after warm-up just to last the rest of practice. It still was a fun practice, and one truth remains, I love rollerderby, and I will fight and rehab my leg until it stop hurting!

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  1. kram på dig, jag känner verkligen med dig. ville bara säga att jag tror på dig, du är stark och jag hoppas att det blir bättre. <3