Nov 25, 2013

Bouting Go Go Gent and loving Stockholm Rollerderby

There is always something to bouting a team you have never bouted before, and Gent was such a team. I had seen them play on several occations, and for some reason I had this feeling of not really knowing what to expect out of it. I am ALWAYS nervous before a bout, a little less know when I'm not in a regular jammer-rotation... (thank god for Loony, Slinky, Chaos and Juana) My friend Meredith did some elaborate make-up on me, so that was new and looked quite cool.

Before our bout I had a few minuted to watch BSTRDs play really well against Västerås. It was great to see how much both our B-team and Västerås have developed the past year. It gives hope for the future of Swedish rollerderby.  After our bout we also found out that Dock City beat Helsinkis B-team in Helsinki and that Crime City beat Hellfire Harlots down in Malmö... so it was truly a great day for Swedish Rollerderby... Nevermind, now I totally strayed from the topic as I so easily do.

We won!
Playing against Gent was fun, they are a good team, but their jammerpenalties was what really made the huge difference. I must say that I am very proud to be captain over Stockholm Rollerderby Allstars, it's a very smart and welltuned team that stod on the track together this past Saturday. We wetn out on the track with a plan, and we even tried a few new strategies, and it worked very well. Everyone are growing into their positions and the attitude on the bench was just awesome and upbeat.

Playing was superfun, and I felt like I had a great bout and so did everyone else, we just kept on trucking and it payed off.
Me sending some love to Kix in the box...
After the bout I went home - took a shower and laid on my bed for 30 min drinking an oatmeal stout just basketing in the amzing sound of nothingness and a tired but clean body. The afterparty felt real far away, but I knew my duty as a good little derbygirl and packed myself to the afterparty for some social engagements... 

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