Nov 21, 2013

Sorry for being so freaking uninteresting....

Well, I am probably not uninteresting, I am just bad at blogging right now. The past weeks I've been to Milwaukee, Chicago, Seattle and Portland... It has been amazing, and now I'm back in Sweden.
G W Tush came by to say hi on her European coaching trip and I am jetlagged and cannot sleep at all, I am acctually suprised I am even awake right now.

Me and Tush catching up
Last night I had insomnia so I spent the night thinking that I should start a make-up brand for DragQueens, but just for derbygirls instead. Tush did point out that the dragqueens probably has it covered already, adn to be honest, I don't even wear that much make-up, so I have no clue where this business plan came from. I might have to much and too little to do, head is spinning...
I would also like to announce that it is sort of hellish to date someone on the other side of the world, like honestly, could I miss her anymore?

Team Sweden try-outs are comming up, and I'm putting the scedual for the Stockholm Rollerderby Winterbootcamp together and I am overlyexcited about the world... oh, and we have a bout this weekend, we are playing Go Go Gent and it will be superduperfun! 

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