Aug 8, 2013

Berlin for a wedding!

When I moved back to Europe I made two friends within the Berlin Bombshells - Heavy Rotation and Resident Shevil - I've stayed with them multiple times and been skating, swimming cooking, bouting against and trying hard to understand movies in German with them. (They are German, so hopefully they understood the movie better than me). I've always have had a really great time with them, except from when Shevil hip checked me into a wall after my Gent injury, because I touched Rotations boob (this sounds really bad, but it was innocent) - but except from those little bumps in our friendship - we have had it good.

Well, so the point of this blog is that I'm on my way to Berlin to attend their wedding, and I'm suuuper excited! Those two amazing people are tying the knot for reals - and I get to attend! How cool is that!? Very cool I'd say!  

I am gonna wear a dress and I'm going to smile. Yep - another trip to Berlin - my favourite European city! 

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  1. It really seems amazing to me right now. from various other sources I've learned about lovely encounters like this, yet only the ruling rolling ones seem to find true love.
    ...while lonely male nerds like me can only get jealous and must keep on smiling anyways though there's not much lifetime left due to genetic disease... :/