Aug 8, 2013

Missing passport!

I'm going to Berlin for a wedding - from the wedding I'm flying to play two bouts in Scotland. To go to Germany I need no passport - but since UK has to be so special - I need to carry a passport... And BAM... I can't find my passport! And I'm 100% sure I had it two days ago - since the Americans are all pesky about that thing too...
I realized that I had probably left the passport at my office - since I went straight from rollerconomania to work... Yeah... So in the middle of the night I had to enjoy a 20 min bike ride to work to pick it up! 
AND when I was there anyway (1 am) I figured I do some work... I'm finally packed - and walking to the flight bus in 40 min... Talk about feeling accomplished - and in need of sleep. I think I've been running on a maximum of 4 hours of sleep the past days. Jet lag and passport - you are not treating me like the Queen Swede Janica Saxelinknows I am... QS is hoping that Stefanie Bohnet will provide a soft and nice bed for her!

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