Aug 26, 2013

Life change and so does skates!

So I am not kidding - I thought it would be horrible to break in new skates - and it wasn't I love tehm. Thanks to Bonnie and OMG at Five Stride (please add me to your cart) I have a pair of faboulous Brooklyn (the Murrillo 340)skates... I am still getting adjusted to not being on a nylon plate no more (yes I know, I am a creature of habit and should have changed ages ago) and the alumn does respond so much quicker... even if it's sort of a drag to really get the plowstopps the way I want... but I already nailed some hockey stops... and my feet are more jumpy than before... So I guess it's all for the best!

Change is good! I wanan kiss change! Often! And I have an urge, I have a small plan...

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