Aug 8, 2013

Coming back from an injury

II've never really been injured before - sure I did break my wrist while snowboarding - but that I just ignored and duct taped and the fracture wasn't discovered until two years later... Yeah, I like to tell that story - because it sort of explains how crazy an determined I am - and I guess I have a high pain threshold... First year skating I also separated my shoulder, but I just took a week off, and then I was back on skates and skating non-contact with my arm in a sling.
We also all know that I was an idiot and fell down a bar last year, putting a huge dent into my shin and spraining my ankle. That was also solved by a huge amount of tape - I had a bout a week later - and I had never missed a bout... And I wasn't about to do that either.
So sure - please - I'm an idiot, but the abuse my body gone trough becuse of my sports are probably way less than society has put it through, so I'm willing to cope...

BUT then it happened, May 2013 in Gent, I fell so bad during a bout that I couldn't get up - the pain was just the worst I ha ever been through and I was transported to the hospital in a fancy Belgian ambulance (they keep on sending me bills in Flammish now, probably should use google translate to sort them out). At the hospital they x-rayed me and did all that fancy stuff, just to figure out I was going to be fine. But before they sent me off they pumped me full of some really strong painkiller that made me puke and pass-out on the ER parking... Wohoooo! 

And I could barley walk for the first two weeks, let alone skate... For the first time I just could not push through the pain and make my body do what I wanted it to! I was in serious pain, and the worst part was that my leg just would NOT cooperate! AND I had gotten scared of reliving the pain, of that first fall... Now three month after that injury - I'm back - I'm skating, I'm not scared and I'm having lots of fun! 

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  1. skönt att det känns bättre nu i alla fall! Låter som att den där gent-upplevelsen var rätt bad-ass.. sån smärta är inte att leka med. Men jag förstår dig i det där med att för det mesta liksom bara pusha sig igenom all smärta, för vad skulle man annars göra? Derby är ju livet!