Jul 14, 2013

How I once believed I had to be different

I am great just the way I am, how I look and how I panic because I don't believe in myself. I worked hard to be who I am today - but I've also decided that I will never be happier trying to be anyone but me. I am cranky when I don't eat, so I eat, I look buffer when I don't drink, so I don't drink so often. I spent my early twenties being scared, scared of being myself and not like everyone else, not to fit in! I was scared that my thighs were to big, my ass to wide, my boobs too small... And yet they functioned so well... 

I will never deny myself a certain piece of food ever again because it will make me look better, because it's not how it works. Everything in moderation is the true way to go... I eat balanced, not too much and not to little - I treat myself when I crave something and then I crave it no longer. 

Restricting myself have never worked... But damn did my abs pop last summer when I had post-breakup anxiety attacks and lived off apples... But not really worth it... 

Me and Isabella at an unown island outside stockholm... we kayaked to get here...  AND we did not drown! 

Keeping active is the key, and being injured, it's been hard! Skating been a great way of staying fit - in an easy way... but my bike has really been my saviour... I try to bike everyday... from and too work.. all-over the place!

But when it comes down to everythign, it's not about how you look - it's about how you feel! I really don't care about dropping X amount of weight - because it's just numbers, it says NOTHING about hte way you look.. .adn spendign your life chasing numbers... will give you NO satisfaction! 

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