Jul 10, 2013

The problem with the Neverending Season

We dont have a season - not in the way other sports have seasons, most leagues have a few weeks here and there - but a few months off - is unheard off.
But something that is heard off is skater burn-out... I am very sure this have some sort of connection. The feeling of guilt by choosing something over derby and the constant workload combined with practice. Don't get me wrong - I love derby - but I think this is a reason so many of us burnout. Give yourself a break when needed, or you will wake up one day and realise that you just don't love derby anymore... It's OK to miss a bout or two - if that means you will come back with new energy and feel like pushing your and your teams goals forward! 

If you can't skate you can ALWAYS be there for your team in so many ways!  

Being injured has really given me the feeling that I wanna skate again, that I love rollerderby, that I love coaching - that no matter what - I wanna be involved!

I know it sounds crazy to people that just started wit hderby that there are people that need and want a break from derby, but I don't love derby any less for needing a break, I just need it to keep on loving and being able to give my all. I love skating, I love coaching and I love everything that's around derby, but it's hard to always be in prime condition, rollerderby is a mental game, I barley eat during tournaments and bouting weekends, coaching or playing... So I need my off-season to eat well, go to the gym and not feel like I HAVE to be at rollerderby practice or I'll make my team disapointed. I wanna be the best I can be the time I am around my team. 


  1. Bra skrivet, förstår det där! Jag har hållit på nonstop sedan jag började hösten 2011.. och pauser kan behövas för att ibland behöver man längta efter det man älskar, även om det är jobbigt.

    Och det där med mat under t.ex helger som sm-veckan, det är svårt! Det borde finnas en smartare lösning.. det fanns inga kylskåp att låna (vad jag vet) och maten stog slut i både cafeteria, ica maxi och statoil bredvid. Cafeterian erbjöd heller inga vegetariska alternativ. Hoppas det blir bättre nästa år :) jag tycker det är svårt att ge 100% i en match när man inte kan äta bra mat.

    och grattis till vinsten! HURRA! :D

  2. Couldn't agree more ..

  3. This makes a lot of sense to me at the moment too. Hear hear!