Nov 23, 2012

You loose some, you win some

To be honest, I am so happy after Track Queens, what a show of European Derby - everyone Europe is playing rollerderby and we all worked really hard to make it happen! So amazing and stellar! I love it! I love it!

I'm finally feelin better, I got out of bed to take a shower and change my sheets, seriously, it made me EXHAUSTED! Damn, damn, damn... But I had my first cup of coffee in Four days... That felt great! Ahhhwwww...

Oh, and my tooth fell out when I was in Estonia on Tueaday, it's a fake tooth, and I didn't swallow it... I think some trauma to my face might have helped it a little in its journey out of my pearly whites... But hopefully it's just to attach it again... I just have not been able to make it to the dentist since I've been busy nourishing my flu that someone also gave me on Berlin... Well :-)

Now I'm gonna enjoy some LAD (life after derby) until derby strikes again... probably tomorrow when out B-team is playing....

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