Nov 28, 2012

Bench coaching is fun

So this weekend out B-team played a double header. Me and Only were supposed to bench, but the flu caught her and Loony had to jump in and fill her spot! And as you know - you gotta dress to the occasion and so we did.. I was a little hard since I for sure was not recovered from the 3 days of confinement to bed in high fever... I do not recommend to bench two bouts in a row after a really horrid case of teh flu... but with some painkillers and a "spexig" outfit - I just had to keep on going... adn because I think our B-team needed us.
Our B-team is so amazing and we did our best under the circumstances... Makes me real proud of Swedish rollerderby! Both Gothenburg and the team that mostly was made up by Västerås did great. I love teh fact that slowly we aer growing this awesome sport, and I must say, I love the dressing up as a bench manager, even if I barley wear make-up skating anymore.
The STRD vs. GBG bout ended up to be a real nailbiter - it came down to the last jam as so many other bouts I've watched lately... yikes... but it was a well played bout both for our BSTRDs and by GBG.
I was also really impressed by Västerås and friends who played a 40 min bout against out B-team, they really held thir own...

Oh and the theme of the bout was November Pain....

Lonni as Axl Rose and me as the ''blond dude in the band''

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  1. OMG! I don't know if I will be able to keep the image that I had from you in Berlin after this... xD