Nov 22, 2012

The post tournament flu

I am seriously sick - may I say I hate being sick? I have not been able to get out of bed all day, I sweat like a pig and all my limbs are hurting and burning... It is nice to think about that we got third in the tournament! Yay!

We got medals! All I wanted was medals, for now.... Next time trophy... Everyone played so well this weekend!

And now I'm stuck I'm bed to sick to even do something productive on my computer. I just lay, lay and as mentioned above sweat in pain... I promise - it's not very attractive and you should be happy you are not around for this!

I am not surprised at all that I'm sick, it's been such an intense goal to place top three in Berlin, I really have put parts of my life on the back burner - and now I sort of feel like: and now what!? Now what? I know I said I'd go on a derby break - but I don't know if I know how to do that...

Damn, I got sick yesterday while on a business trip to Estonia, I was freezing the entire time, and when I finally got back to Sweden I was so tired and sick I couldn't even make it up into my bed, I just layed on the floor and cried for a bit while feeling lonely, sick and shitty...

In Estonia they tried to cure my flu with Jägertee
My mom served me icecream
The stable in Estonia
3rd in the first WFTDA European tournament... 

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