Nov 5, 2012

Rollerderby its so much more than a sport to me

Today I watched Gotham win the Hydra, they deserved it, I know they worked really hard for it, but so did all those other teams. Rollerderby - oh - what a great championships it have been to watch, it is sad it's over, but it's probably for the best... I don't think I could handle any more excitement!

Rollerderby is more than a sport to me, it has a big chunk of my heart,... I get up some mornings because I know I get to skate in the end. I get up in teh mornings and go to the gym because I know it will make me a better athlete and athlete that will skate well with her team and commit fewer penalties because I am not tired.

I believe in rollerderby, the team play, the off-skate, the strategy, the love and the sometimes hate. I could be without some of the drama, so I don't create it, I try to run stairs instead...
Lets work hard and together - leave it on the track - because we have probably all given up something to be where we are today! We are friends that skate on other teams, treat each other with respect, we have all put this work into becoming so much better, give each other credit and remember the hard work that lays behind. We might not be friends on the track, but respect... respect... and more respect...

 Rollerderby let's always stay friends!!


  1. Lovely post! And what's more awesome is that, this feeling is shared by almost all roller derby girls. We work hard. And it's worth it. This sport is changing me somehow more than I expected, and challenging me to do some things that I never expected to desire. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I love you Swede...beautiful<3