Nov 20, 2012

Back home from Berlin

Three bouts later and Stockholm Rollerderby came out third - we got medals! I didnt know i am so obsessed with medals - but apperently I am!

I could not be any more proud of my team and myself. We pulled it together and just went out and played rollerderby as a team. I love my team! WELLDONE!

And now, only seven hours after getting of the flight from Berlin, I'm on the way back to the airport to get on a flight to Tallinn, Estonia. Going on an over the day work trip... I'm usually really excited about those trips - today - not so much... Not at all...

And SERIOULY I've washed my hair TWO times since the Sunday afterparty and it still smell like smoke! What is it with Germans and having to smoke inside? It sucks, we had skaters that couldn't come to the afterparty because they are asthmatic - it sucks not vein able to celebrate with the entire team!

Oh and we made it into the Swedish Daily News SPORTS pages!

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  1. Oh girl! The most exciting bout was against Berlin. Thaaanx so much for that <3