Nov 3, 2012

Royals playing intraleague bout

With the charming names as Brassknuckle Harlots and Cougar Sluts the two Royals teams lined up and played a full-length game...
I went with a few Stockholm Rollerdeby girls to watch, there are some really talented girls in Royals that made quite an impression on me. And I try to support all derby there is to be played, even if I don't agree with all of their policies, I do still think that they are doing their best. Royals have said that they don't believe in passing minimum skills to play intraleauge, and in my world that is not a way of creating safe and competitive derby. By now we all know how I feel about minimum skills... and why I think minimums skillis is so important.
It was obvious that some girls were really new and a little unclear on the rules, but aren't we all just new in the beginning...
Two girls that stod out was Fanilla Slice who seemed to jam every second jam for The Harlots, even if she did spend lots of time in the penalty box and her skating style was very rookie, still she seemed to have the drive and I also think that Bang Vogage (think that was her name) was having quite a good game. In the game I missed strategy and positional blocking, and a few times the teams weren't even aware that the jam had started.  I noticed lot's of raw talent... so there is lots of room for improvement.
I think the most disturbning part was when the announcer or at least the person on the speaker said 'It's so exciting to see that all those girls are here for us, and maybe a little for themselves, but mostly for us, and that they are wearing those outfits... and he was talking about the players... I mean don't we all just play rollerderby because it's the most awesome and kick ass game ever, not to show off for an audience... maybe it's just me being sensative or something, but really?

And then home to the derby collective to watch WFTDA championships... Freaking EXCITING!!

That girl Vanilla Slice, in the corsette, did quite well...
Waiting for the bout to start...


  1. Men alltså skämskudde angående underdelarna på Harlots.../Blondie

  2. Tyckte inte du överreagerade, vi var flera som blev sjukt provocerade över speakerns heteronormativa och sexistiska kommentarer! Grrrr.

  3. Oj Blondie, gillade du inte mina trosor? Ingen fara, då ska jag genast anpassa mig, jag kan rulla utan nästa gång... ;)
    /Kärlek, Q. T. Pi

  4. Att en del personer och spelare inte gillar oss och sjunker till en sån nivå av "systerskap" som att snacka skit om oss direkt och idirekt visar bara att vi göra ngt roligt och nytt och att vi bryr oss inte om vad alla andra anses som P.C. Roller Derby är och kommer alltid förbli ROLIGT för oss i ROYAL SWEDISH ROLLER DERBY där vi vågar göra vår egen grej utan att känna press från andra ligor. Vi håller Roller Derby oss till Roller Derbys rötter och har kul.

    Cherry D'vine
    Gen 19:5
    Brass Knuckle Harlots
    Rollergirl sedan 2007.

  5. Jag tycker det är roligt att träna, rollerderby är en fantastisk SPORT för mig, jag tycker om aspekten att det är kvinnor som driver sporten framåt. Jag accepterar inte personer som är speakers som indikerar att jag skulle klä mig och spela för publikens sport. Min största kritik mot matchen var att speakern var sexistisk... och jag var inte den enda som tyckte det...

    om man sedan väljer att klä sig i korsett och stringtrosor och kan argumentera för varför det är representativt för var och en, så har jag inga problem med det.