May 2, 2012

MayDay in Stockholm

I am back in Stockholm, I meet people that I haven't seen for years, we smile and then we go for a long walk, together under red flags and blue sky, it is like I never left but a decade went past. People are the same, but different, we live and we still love.

I remember MayDay as much louder and angrier, I remember something different and still the same. There is a message in there, there is a thought.

Later on, we go and meet up with some Stockholm Rollerderby friends - sitting in park I also remember from 16 years ago. They are celebrating MayDay Finnish style - and we bring pizza and Minna comes with two paperbags of popcorn.

Before dawn we go to a club/party - and I'm standing leaning at a table with a friend that have known me since my hair was blue, and she has two children now and getting a PhD in something important. And we both reflect
"Was this what we wanted for ourselves? Have we done what we expected?"

At night I find my girlfriend sleeping on a couch at the club and I decide we should go home and we end up sleeping at a friends... things never really turn out as you expect them too, and I don't know if it is a good or a bad thing.

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