May 3, 2012

Tag - you got me - now I'll get you

So my dear friend Alotta Riot tagged me in one of those "answer those questions"  blog... and I thought... why not... It's fun to answer questions (yes I love surveys, and I'm delighted everytime I get to fill one out) and at the same time I'm not really sure if they are that exciting on peoples blogs... but I guess in this way you get some more random facts about me...

Sol eller vintersemester? (Sun or winter vaccation?)If you would have asked me ten years ago I would have said winter, since back then I was an obsessive competative snowboarder... but times changes, and now I have started to turn my face towards the sun, soaking in every moment of precious sun time... and sun means skating... Oh, and that reminds me that we are going to Barcelona in 2 weeks... BEACH SKATING!

Bästa staden? (Best City?)
It is spring and sun out, I have to answer Stockholm, I love Stockholm... there are many other cities that have captured my heart, but none that has a grip on my heart like Stockholm (´snart kommer jag att brista ut i en spontan version av "Stockholm i mitt hjäääärta")
Favoritmat? (Favorite food?)
I love food - if I get to pick it's probably something that involves avocado, seaweed, soysauce and rice. But to be honest, I cannot say I have one single favorite food, I do prefer vegetarian, but I do eat meat. I just love to eat... not to much fried food... but fruit.. pasta, vegables... MmMMMmmmm

Vad är lycka? (What is happiness?)
It's to be able to look at the people you love and see that you make them happy.... Happiness is also the days when I feel my team and I are one on the track.

Vilken är den bästa årstiden? (Best season?)
Depends on where, but in general I'd say summer, this year it is summer at least, I have high expectations for the summer. Summer will be great... 

Vad är viktigast i livet? (What's the most important in life?)
There are so many different things that are important in life, that your family is healthy, your friends healthy and that I'm healthy. But also you have to be happy with what you doing.
Sometimes I have to reach inside me, slap myself and put that smile on, because I know things will get better. So I think it's really important in life to keep on going even if things seem not so awesoem because that makes it all more awesome in the end.

Vilken är den bästa högtiden? 
I think I really love Christmas - because it's the time I know I will be with my family. I am not really crazy about why we celebrate Christmas and it's not about the presents, it's just good to know that I will be with my family and people that are important to me... and eat lots of food... (not the christmas food only, we are waaay more inventive in my family)

Skräckigaste skräckfilmen? (Scariest scary movie?)
I have a terrible habit of watching movies that seem to scar me for life... but I must say that first time I saw the Ring - I could not sleep for a week. Two Sisters - a Korean movie is really freaky too. Oh, and the Orphanage... and pretty much a lot of Asian movies are freeeaaky... yeah...
Vad önskar du dig mest i hela världen? (What do you wish for most in the world?)
That Stockholm Rollerderby had a practice venue - with a taped track, that was quite central. A bouting venue is quite high on the list aswell... I know - I probably should wish for world peace and all those ohter amazing and nice things and I do... but above would make my life so much easier... and also happier and also most of the people I spend time with happier and more relaxed- and I guess I do rate personal happiness high.
Om du bara fick lyssna på en låt resten av ditt liv, vilken låt skulle det vara? (If you could only listen to one song for the rest of your life, what song would it be?)
Bruises with Chairlift - don't ask me why - it just makes me smile and think about rollerskating NYC.
Vilken är de godaste drickan du vet? (What's the best bevarage you know?)
Guiness I guess - non alcoholic I'd say Rabarbersaft... 


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