May 20, 2012

Outdoor skate to Visätra

We concurred this in about 1,5 h

Me, Husse and Interupted all took our skates out to Visätra to watch Royals play their second public scrimmage, thye have four hometeams with girls on vary varying levels. There is lots and talent in the leauge, but they for sure need more practice, and for sure to pass minimum skills (from my understanding this is why they call it a scrimmage and not a bout, even if everything was set up just like a bout). Me and Husse were asked to announce for the first bout - I got a little nervous since I didn't even know the names of the girls playing.

I loved skating outdoors - it was really an AWESOME day to skate for 1,5 h - it was sunny but not to hot, and the road had some hills but not majorly and there was both up-and downhills... just like life! And we did not even get lost once... 

I am looking forward to many days skating outdoors this summer, I'm thinking that skating to work might be an option since I don't have a bike, and riding the bus in th summer sort of sucks...

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