May 8, 2012

When the wind just exhaust you...

I just wanna be on track... 

It's like living in limbo - we never know if we can or cannot practice, we have no money to pay for a venue and the venue we have is so full of dust that our wheels just slide and slide...

Yesterday I sat in a corner and just cried for a bit until I shooked it off and  planned a strategy class instead of on-skate and went onto the dusty floor, slid around cones and talked about the thoughts behind our strategies and why we do what we do.

Sometimes it's just hard to motivate yourself to be a good coach, to come to practice and be all peppy and excited when all you wanna do is crawl under a blanket and cryyyy...

I hate that the mood of the whole leauge is dropping - it's hard to be motivated when it feel like everything is working against you. All we wnat to do is to play derby, to work out, to feel concrete, wood anything that can be turned into a track under our feet. We all want to get better, we want to develop... but it's hard when the precious time we have turn dead-ends.

We need new winds, more carrots and more sugar... we need more love and we need a place to call our own... I love rollerderby... just freaking let me play!!

It sort of just sucks - a wet blanket over us at all times... please... we need some sunshine... more sunshine...


  1. I think it's freaking awesome you can go through strategies off-skates and TALK about why you do what you do. It makes your skaters so much smarter. And I admire you pulling yourself together when times are hard. There is always a plan B, or C... being creative with practices is a good skill to have.

    Your league has got the skating skills, those skills don't disappear so quickly.
    Is there any outdoor rink you could use during the summer?

    When you conquer this problem of yours, you will see the benefit of slowing down the pace but being smart with doing a lot of talking and playing "sock derby". I promise you, problems are only temporary.

  2. Jag tycker att det är fantastisk att ni är så bra och har kommit så långt trots era motgångar! Blir ledsen i ögat när jag hör hur svårt ni har det med hallar i sthlm. Känner mig plötsligt väldigt bortskämd, då vi i västerås kan välja mellan 2 hallar..

    Roller Derby behöver mer stöd, mer hjälp från utomstående med plats där vi kan utöva vår sport, för den är precis lika viktig som alla andra sporter!

    Och keep going strong, du är en sjukt peppande person och kan peppa upp i princip vem som helst. Hoppas ni får medvind snart!