Jan 11, 2011

Yesterday was my birthday

(this is NOT from yesterday, but it is Krazy Kris and Mad Maloony)

My birthday was amazing, my wonderful girl took me to a SPA and we just chilled out in different bodies of water, saunas and massage chairs. And then Krazy Kris came over to our place and we made pancakes and watched Inception. I was delighted!

Right now I'm thinking about rollerderby 24/7, and it is getting a little over my head, I just wish I could get something else into my head, but all I think about is: How can I find a place for Team Sweden to practice, how can I find a space for Stockholm to practice, how can I find a better place for us all to bout. What drills are best to run for who, what does this person need to practice, why does some people don't get things that are clear as water to others.... coaching is not easy... but it is really REALLY fun!

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