Jan 21, 2011

Morning skate with Krissy Krash

Waking up with the window open and the sun shining in, Krissy shook the shakes up for us and we put our skates on. Tip-toed down the stairs and hit the streets, grabbed some coffee and then just skates along the beach... yes... those are the days I wish I lived in California... Tonight Team Legit has practice at the banked track, but before that me and Krissy will come up with a thousand things to do... Maybe go to Forever 21 and dress up and take pictures, maybe go to Moxi and stare at skates, maybe get some food, some juice, some fruit...

1 comment:

  1. That's just not fair. Bring that to Sweden, thanks! :)

    /Lottie B. Bad, West Coast Bombshells