Jan 7, 2011

back in Copenhagen sans Coffee

I admit I am a coffee addict, it started while I worked as a barista at Fuel in Seattle, this is a lie, I think I have been since the age of 15, but Fuel turned me into what my dear ex would say ''a coffee snob'' but when it comes down to it all... at this point, I'll take any damn old coffee...

Earlier today I went to the Danish supermarket that is down the road from mine and Malous house, got some food, lots of milk (for my coffee) and walked home. And yeah... oh yeah! It happened, I forgot to buy the most essential, and that is coffee to go with all that milk I bought!

So the logic choice would be to go back, I have never been known to be logic, so instead I'm in bed feeling sorry for myself trying to write an article, plan a practice and work up the confidence to call for a job...

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