Jan 13, 2011

Sometimes I hate rollerderby...

 (we are are all different, but beutiful together, i know, I'm cheesy)

...but it usually only lasts for a minute, for an hour and then I am over it because I remember all the great tings about it. Roller-derby is filled with strong-willed women that have lot's of opinions, and most of the time we are very much on the same track, but sometimes we are not. And then you have to negotiate, you have to find common grounds, you have to find solutions we all are happy with. Sometimes you have to give up and decide that just because you were not voting for a desicion, doesn't really make it a terrible one.

Sometimes I don't think we see how hard someone has worked for a thing, and we are to quick to the negative response, rather than a ''good job'' - now let's talk. I am a realist but I also believe in the good in womankind, I think that when we listen to each other and treat each other with respect, we can move mountains.

I have learned that the ones that come off as the strongest most of the time are the ones that need affirmation, that need to know that what they do are important. We think just because someone has a fast and aggressive response they need to be dealt with aggressively, but they don't... that is the last thing you have to do... those are things I have learned from derby, from life, but mostly from derby, because I have met so many different people and tough women with great ideas and visions.

When it comes down to it all, we just wanna play derby and have fun... we wanna fall into each others arms, sweaty and proud that we together build teams and leauges that no-one would have dreamed about 10 years ago... Welcome 2011, welcome another year of amazing derbyness....


  1. I think you have a really, really good point here!

  2. you are such an inspiration to me swede ...

  3. oh oh oh!!! and like what, 2 more days?? So excited!!!

  4. ahhh... ahhh

    I am back in US for a hot min