Jan 3, 2011

Happy New Year and Lesbian Boot Camp

(Jessica, Husse and Me at New Years Eve)

I went to my mothers birthplace for New Years together with Sarra, Krazy Kris, Jessica, Karin, Husse, Loony and Enoc (her name is also Lina, so we had to rename her since my birthname is Lina). Sågmyra is where my mother grew up and a tiny village in Dalarna and close to Bjursås Ski Center, Sågmyra also has a small ice-rink, cross-contry ski tracks and an outlet called Lager 157... 

I started the stay off with two days of downhill skiing, and that my dear friends, I have not done in at least ten years, since I was a competative snowboarder and thought skiing was quite lame. I must admit that I had a blast, and Loony was doing a great job for her first time ever on skis.

At New Years Eve we made dinner together, it was quite amazing, fish, meat and vegetarian in a great mix and had great wine and whiskey to go with it... and after food we all took out 80's outfits on and headed to the icerink. While we been eating it had been snowing about a feet and a half... and the lights for the rink apperently did not work at 23.30, so when we got there, we cleared out a small square of the ice, put out ice-skates on and played a fierce game of hockey with indoor-floorball sticks and a bandy ball.  We quit when Jessica fell on her hand and we went home to drink some more sparkling wine and play dice until we fell asleep in front of the fire... we are hoping for a sauna in 2011.

Oh, and the theme for the night was to wear Apres Ski outfits... and we had no speakers, so we put our iPhones into a bucket.. .and it worked... oh yeah! AND I learned great Danish words like ''Vornumse'' and we taught the Danes great Swedish sayings like ''Slicka upp i brygga''...

(Karin and our candy-bucket we turned into a speaker)

New Years day we were all a little hung-over, but most of us took a lap or two in the cross-country tracks... some of us longer than others.. I enjoyed it and once again decided that 2011 or 2012 is the year for a Svensk Klassiker. 

Day four we packed the cars, went shopping at the outlet and headed back to Stockholm....

It was the best ever Lesbian Boot Camp that it was named by Sarra and Kris... (we were all couples except from Kris and Sarra - Me and Malou, Karin and Jessica, Husse and Enoc )

 (This is right outside Sågmyra, taken from the cross-country tracks by Karin)