Sep 29, 2014

Let's work it out

Back in NYC!

Watching play-offs all weekend and being excited about rollerderby and how well my friends are doing out on the track. The restlessness of the city makes me want to run. I am going to start running, every morning. I just realised I have lost weight, I don't know why, maybe because I just don't cook as much here.

I just moved in with Viscious and Violet, we named our apartment TripleThreatHive, we are feeling good about it. One day I will write all about the wonders of aparmenthuntin in NYC, it's sort of a fun thing. Well, scratch that... it is sort of a funny thing, if you are into dealing with idiots and a market that is going rampage. 

I miss trees, I miss nature, I miss mountains, I Love NYC but it makes me crave something really far away, something that isn't tamed. NYC is everythign but tamed, it's a human created wilderness, with a constant buzz, it still will never have the power of nature to make you feel like the tinest thing in the world and nothing you do can really have an impact. , I miss the quietness that a city never can provide. The constant sounds are what drives me, but also what makes me want to run, run and run. I have this urge to lay down and smell earth, I feel bad for them whom never really had the opportunity to be in away from this all.

This summer I sat and looked out over a landscape of woods, woods, woods and more woods, the full moon was making it able to see the mountains and it was warm enough to just wear short sleeves. I am not a countrygirl, I grew up in suburbia, I still had the opportunity to pick wild berries and make jam, to pick mushrooms and eat, to see deer and moose, in the wild. I wish for my children to have this too, if I have children.

And yet, I love the skating here, I love Gotham, I love the team, I love that I for each day learn something about myself, as a skater and as a person. I have so many wants and desired that I ometimes think that life can never last long enough.

What does this all mean?

To be honest, I don't know, I don't know at all! I just know that I am willing, able and going to roll with the punches and that only I can ever take my own destiny in my hands.

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