Sep 24, 2014

Those days and nights we have

Matter of fact, I am always working hard towards something... for each passing day I realise what I love, waht I miss and how those things don't always go along.
There is nothign I love more than the north, I love the quietness of tundra, of mountains, the clean air, the softness of snow falling on your face. The sound of the crust of the snow cracking under your foot in the morning. (In swedish there is a word for it, it's skare, according to my translating app, they call it crust in English.)

I think growing up in the North you really appreciate summers, those nights that never end, and we never sleep, just to catch up on all that sleep in the winter.

And yet I find myself in NYC, a place where there is far from tree to tree and I'm slightly always on the go. This city moves me, the muggy days, the hot summer, the freezing nights and most of all the ROLLERDERBY. I came back, because I can't stay away, my most quiet experiances are sitting on the roof of a building in Brooklyn.

One day... mountains, horse and all that will happen... one day... but just not yet.. 

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