Sep 12, 2014

If I dont talk to you it's probably because I'm shy

I am terrible at smalltalk, I am terrible at talking to people I don't really know. Those are social skills that I fail at. If YOU don't strike a conversation with me, I probably will not talk to you, and it's not because I don't like you, it's prbably because I don't really know what to say.

I am not the greatest at social situations, and I know it. I am goofy, have a short attention span, forget things ALL the time and MAJOR time management problems. I also get easily distracted, by everything!

I am great at lots of things, but small talk and striking conversation is not two of them. I used to refuse to answer the phone at work for a long time, because I hated to talk to strangers on the phone. I sometimes have a hard time to strike conversation with people I know for a long time. I am not one to just talk, I try sometimes, but I'm not brilliant at it, I usually feel a little flustered and probably end up saying somethign goofy.

My hearing is also terrible, just aweful, in any bar or place where there is lot's of background noise, I will not be able to keep up in a conversation. I usually smile and nod, I have probably agreed to lots of dumb thing, just because I couldn't follow the conversation...

I guess what I wanted to say with this post is that: Just because someone doesn't talk to you doesn't mean they are ignoring you. Sometimes a small ting like just walking up to someone and ask them what you really have on your mind makes it all easier. No one I know is a mindreader, and I will for sure not know what you are thinking if you don't tell me... it is a two-way thing, and I TRY to get better, but often it's just easier to talk to people I already know... because I am shy!

This doesn't really have much to do with it text, I stole it from Onlys facebook because it's awesome and totally on point!


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