Oct 3, 2014

I love Gotham Allstars...

I love to play with you, and I hate to play against you. Gotham Allstars practice is the hardest practices I hav ever been too, and sometimes I feel like sitting down and crying, but at the same time I know it makes us all better. I just have to dig deep and try harder. everyone working so hard, this team is so amazing.

When we split up to scrimmage I always look at the ppl in the opposing team and think, damn WHY DO I HAVE TO SKATE AGAINST THEM? And then I look at the ppl on my team and think, DAMN, I GET TO SKATE WITH THOSE GIRLS! It motivates me to work hard and harder!

This week I went to practice leauge Monday and stayed for an extra hour after and played around with some skills, Open Scrimmage on Tuesday, leauge and Allstars scrimmage on Wednesday and Allstars practice on Thursday. Today I am just gonna watch playoffs and tomrrow I'm helping out with Gotham try-outs before I'm going to Scrimmage with Traitors.... yay... more rollerderby!

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