Jan 14, 2014

Our tiny new hall

T-Rex founf t heir way to practice
So I have written many times about Stockholm Rollerderbys struggle to find a place to skate, find a place to practice, and we ahve practices pretty much everywhere at this point, go-cart halls, empty malls, dry hockey rinks... you name it.. we have done it... So this winter we got times in a school gymnasium, and we got there yesterday just to realise that it's really small and that the floor is really slick. And this is by NO means a permanent hall, this is a hall we get to be in for TWO hours every Monday for a few months...

I was coaching, so I had to re-write practice and make it work, and so I did... and we totally made it work and I think everyone left feeling like they got a good workout and improved their blocking... The season has started and I am SOOOO excited for this year! The year of 2014 is going to be amazing, and I will try to stuff it with lots of rollerderby and good times!

It's great to have a hall that fits a track, but if you can't get one, you gotta do what you can. So on Mondays we will just have to do something different! I belive that you can make things work, you just have to be a little smart about it, or VERY smart about it. Most of the time it's our own creativity and fantasy that limits us! 

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  1. En fördel med hallen: den har ju ringar i taket! ;) Ni kan träna upp överkropparna så era shoulderhits kan ta ut hela väggar.