Jan 8, 2014

My Birthday is a BIG deal

Ok, I admitt it, I love my birthday, probably too much for a person that doesn't like to talk about her age.  Either way, I just like having this one day when it's all about me, so very NON Swedish... On my birthday I want presents, presents and more presents, I don't care much for Christmas gifts, but I do VERY MUCH care for birthday gifts.It's a littel over the top maybe, and I am probably totally overdoing it!

I guess I already got a really great and fantastic Birthday gift, Eagle is staying for for my birthday, it wasn't really the plan, but due to the extreme weather in USA at the moment, she got stranded in Stockhoml until this weekend. So I sort of can say I got an exotic and amazing bird for my birthday!

So, FRIDAY it is, it's my birthday! On my birthday I will go to rollerderbypractice, and after practice I will go for a few beers with friends that I can coax into late beers and then I will fall into soft and comforting wings. And along the day I am hoping for lots of small and big presents and many congratulations on the impressive task of accomplishing another year of living!

 I am excited about 2014... Ah! 

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