Jan 18, 2014

Enough is enough

It's winter in Stockholm - FINALLY!
So today I skipped my gym session, my body needed to rest, so I went for a 40 min walk instead. When I woke up this morning I felt sore and my shins were aching. I still was redlined to go and do a strength class at my gym, but when walking there I just felt no inspiration and my body just felt VERY sluggish. Considering I had quite a hard workout both Thursday and yesterday, I decided that a walk was a better option.

It's important to push yourself and your boundaries, but ts also important to give yourself breaks when needed or you might end up hurt or mentally burn yourself out. It still is preseason and I know Im not completely out of shape, but I have to keep the fun in working out. 

So now I'm treating myself to juice, coffee and a sandwich at my favourite coffee shop watching the snow fall outside. Life is epic, and I am so happy to have rollerderby be a part of it.

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