Dec 30, 2012

Good Bye 2012

2012 was one of the worst years in à long time.
I was burnt out before 2012 even began and then it just didn't get any better.
I am not gonna lie and say that it was an entirely terrible year, there were some great times, in roller derby terms probably one of my best, personal life probably one of the worst.
RollerCon was awesome, playing Team USA was great, getting third in Track Queens was amazing... I had great times traveling and seeing old friends and making new friends.
But this year has truly been a rollarcoaster, and I do really love rollarcoasters - but I prefer them in the amusement park over being my entire life.

I will make a month by month recap tomorrow - when I'm hiding from the sun here in Brazil. It truly is beating down furiously. In some way it feels very true and appropriate to start 2013 here, so far away from everything, it's a clean slate, it's a new beginning and I think I'm quite ready for it!

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