Dec 11, 2012

Working out makes me happy!

There is no way around it, I just have to accept it. I have to work out to feel happy, I've been sick and off the grid for a bit, and BAaAAaM all that unattractive self-loathing starts showing. If I work out I sleep better and I feel better, I even eat better.
I just got back home from the gym and am about to head out for work...

I felt a little bad for my PT today, three weeks of not being able to work out - and coming back is never fun. I was WHINEY... "Uhhh, that is too heavy, UHHHh... that is too many" I don't think he was very impressed with me, but at least I feel better now.. Oh, goddammit, I never wanna be sick again and have to skip several weeks of working out, it just is NOT fun. On the other hand, I literally get depressed and can't fall asleep if I don't work out... so poor body, it's you or the brain... and brain is juuuust a liiiitle bit more precious...

Sunday was the first scrimmage since the Berlin tournament, and I got a charlie horse and twisted my finger... oh, the joy of roller derby. Oh, life... Oh life and the hard work my body longs for!

Still sort of dark out when I am returning from the gym to go to work

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