Dec 7, 2012

Not skating - yet

I have not skated since Berlin - it's been a choice but also because of different circumstances. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE to skate, and I LOVE rollerderby. But it's been kind of nice that for a few week to say: "sorry, I can't I am sick" or "sorry, I can't I have other plans" or even "Sure, that sounds stellar, let's meet at 19.00" instead of always saying " Sorry, I can't I have rollerderby"

Right after Track Queens in Berlin, I felt soo ready for 2013, we got medals, the team felt really strong and I felt strong. I still feel very much like 2013 will bring so many amazing things to Stockholm Rollerderby, but I just don't feel as pepp about it, not as ready to pick everything up all-over again and GO, GO, GO....

But maybe that is OK... 2012 is now just CHILL and KILL... I want to enjoy times with my friends, I want to do things because it's fun! AND I do want to start working out again... me and Becky are ready for some outdoor bootcamps... crawling in the snow high intensity... AND we have decided to pick up rugby during 2013.

2012 was a great and really REALLY shitty year... so I'm gonna take all teh great things from 2012 and enter into 2013 with lot's of energy and plans... 

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